Bonny Ferrer goes latin soul

Who is Bonny Ferrer?

A woman with high ideals.

Cosmopolitan, libertine, open minded and true to herself.

She´s a chaos with a straight line.

A dreamer with a realistic perspective.

What is Bonny Ferrer´s Message?

Impressed by the strength of other people who have survived hardships by believing in themselves and something greater than us, she has found her vocation in telling about those stories in her songs. It is one of her goals to help people think positively about life and take responsibility for themselves and their environment.

Bonny Ferrer strongly believes, that our world and lives can become better if we open up for the good things in life.

How is Bonny Ferrer´s Music?

With her warm, sexy voice, she casts a spell on every listener. Her songs are cheerful, light and full of feeling. Her lyrics romantic and moving. They speak of love, God and the search for inner peace. Through her music, Bonny Ferrer stirs the hearts and souls of her listeners.

She sings about true stories dictated by life. Deep and meaningful lyrics, skilfully packaged in light compositions.

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